Spring Spicy Soup

It’s time for the last soup of the vegetarian series. It is the easiest and definitely my favorite as it takes grits – one of my most-preferred vegetables. It takes little time, and the good news about it is that it takes no oil. If you prefer, you can add a dash of olive oil, [...]

All-Time Favourite Healthy Vegetable Soup

Of course your mum would make this soup for you when you were eight and sick. Mums always make the best broth when you most need it, which lowers your temperature right away. What is valuable about vegetables is that they are easy to digest and take little energy, which is quite precious when you [...]

Tabule Middle-East Salad

Tabule salad is one of the simplest salads you can think of – very popular all over the world, amazingly tasty, quick and easy to prepare. What you need is: – 3-4 bunches of parsley, finely chopped; – 1/2 cup of bulgur wheat – 2 medium-sized tomatoes – 3-4 chopped spring onions – olive oil [...]

Thick low-carb vegetarian soup

Vegetarian dishes need not necessarily be boring. I’m a vegetarian and I can assure you that my diet is not monotonous at all. Any time I open the fridge, I experiment with what I have in it, and the result always varies (though I hope not in quality). As a vegetarian I think that I [...]

Dutch celery with Gouda cheese in eggs and bread-crumbs

Two things you should never miss when you go to the Netherlands: cheese and bread, or bread and cheese, as you like it. The ABC of most Dutch dishes is bread (sweet, full corn, bread with all types of corn in and on) and cheese (Gouda, or Gauda, Komijne, Edammer and many other types). That’s [...]

Mousaka with cauliflower and mushrooms

Cooking time: 1 hour; Makes: 2 servings Products: 1 cauliflower 2 tablespoons of finely chopped parsley a handful of mushrooms oil a couple of slices of rusk yellow cheese Sauce: 3-4 oz (100 g) of butter 2-3 tablespoons of oil 3-4 tablespoons of flour mace, salt, black pepper, basil Mousaka, the national dish of the [...]

Mushroom balls

Let me offer you a series of recipes whose main ingredient is mushrooms. This one is a vegetarian recipe for balls, traditionally prepared as meatballs. To suit vegetarians’ taste, and to give us a meat break, let’s try this mushroom delicacy, which is low in fat and very healthy. Cooking time: 1 hour Makes: 5-6 [...]

Risotto con Fungi (Risotto with mushrooms)

Have you ever wondered how Italian women stoke the fire of love? Italian desserts is a good guess, but in order to keep a man’s love, try risotto – yet another traditional dish from the Apennines. Here is what you need to make the traditional “risotto con fungi”: 8-9 oz (250 g) of mushrooms 1 [...]

African peanut soup

Peanuts are used in almost any African dish – from garnish to the popular peanut soups. Let me offer you one type of African peanut soup, which takes not more than 40 minutes and tastes superb. Although it contains chile peppers, this dish is child friendly. Makes: 6 servings 2 teaspoons of peanut oil 1 [...]

Chinese rice with vegetables and eggs

I have this favorite Chinese restaurant serving rice with vegetables and eggs. I once asked the cook for the recipe but he wouldn’t let the secret out. It was such a delicious dish that I was even entertaining the idea of moving house next to the restaurant and spying on the cook until I revealed [...]

Summer vegetarian dish in an earthenware pot

Summer is the finest season of all. Most people generally prefer light dished in summer. Let me offer you a lovely dish to enrich your collection of summer options. The crucial part of the preparations is the earthenware pot, which gives the dish a nice taste of nature. Here’s what you need: 2 pounds (1 [...]

Simple steamed spinach

Do you remember the comic character Popeye the Sailor, who gets hyper tough eating spinach? The following recipe won’t give you superhuman strength but it is easy to make and definitely very delicious. Here’s what you need: 1 pound (500 g) spinach 5 oz (150 g) walnuts 5 oz (150 g) pine nuts salt soy [...]

Potato stew with mushrooms

500 g (1.1 pound) of fresh potatoes; 3-4 spring onions ½ cup of oil; 2 tablespoon of tomato sauce; ½ teaspoon of pepper – highly optional; I would not recommend it to your stomach; 250 g (9 oz) of fresh mushroom; more or less dill to suit your taste. French fries might be cool and [...]

Stuffed tomatoes with mushrooms

Ingredients for 4 portions: 8 big tomatoes; 1 onion; 9 oz (250 g) mushrooms; 1 loaf of bread ; 2 tablespoons rice; 3 tablespoons oil; Salt; Pepper; Parsley. Preparation: Cut the onion and stew it slightly in oil. Cut the mushrooms and boil them for 1-2 min in water. Add the mushrooms to the onion, [...]