Potato stew with mushrooms

500 g (1.1 pound) of fresh potatoes;
3-4 spring onions
ВЅ cup of oil;
2 tablespoon of tomato sauce;
½ teaspoon of pepper – highly optional; I would not recommend it to your stomach;
250 g (9 oz) of fresh mushroom;
more or less dill to suit your taste.

French fries might be cool and delicious, but stewed dishes have proved better friends to your digestion. Naturally, you can fry the onions, but I’d rather stew them – they get soft and fragrant, but above all – wholesome. Add the tomato sauce (or chop half a tomato instead) and the pepper – the less, the better. In fact you can try getting rid of pepper altogether. Just an idea – replace it with basil, sesame, or nutmeg for example.

But to go on with the recipe. Add the sliced mushroom and stew them pouring in a cup of water once in a while, until they absorb enough of the oil and sauce and get delightfully soft. Can you feel the yummy taste in your mouth? But don’t get carried away. Remember this is a potato stew so you need to slice the potatoes as well (surely, peeled in advance). Place them in the pot and pour them on with hot water. Salt the dish and leave it simmering at low temperature. Before you take the stew away from the plate, sprinkle some chopped dill on top. Bon appetit!

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