Tabule Middle-East Salad

Tabule salad is one of the simplest salads you can think of – very popular all over the world, amazingly tasty, quick and easy to prepare.

What you need is:

- 3-4 bunches of parsley, finely chopped;
- 1/2 cup of bulgur wheat
- 2 medium-sized tomatoes
- 3-4 chopped spring onions
- olive oil to suit your taste
- lemon juice
- cinnamon
- black pepper
- a pinch of allspice

The most important part of the recipe is to soak the bulgur in a jar of water until it has almost swollen up. When it’s done, take it out of the water, place it in a large bowl and add the lemon juice. Wait till the lemon juice is absorbed by the bulgur, which takes a bit more than half an hour.

Mix the bulgur with the remaining vegetables and spices and stir the salad well. Serve it in a big bowl embellished with thin slices of carrot or lettuce leaves.

You can experiment with the quantity of the olive oil. Some people, like the Arabs, where the salad originates in, prefer it with an average quantity, while the Greeks and the other Mediterranean people pour so much olive oil in that you can well say they eat olive oil with salad and not salad with olive oil. Scientists say that a cup of olive oil a day keeps heart attack away, or something like this… Anyway, this salad is fantastic and brings the spirit of the Middle-East, kissed by the sun.

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