Cake with milk cream and nuts

This is a recipe of a cake mum used to do when I was a kid. She called it “The Thirsty Nun”. I could never understand why this nun was so thirsty, but when you taste it, you realize where this liter of milk goes every time you prepare the cake. This makes the nun one of the most juicy and fresh cakes you will ever taste.

Sheet of Pastry:
5 eggs;
1 cup (8 fl oz; 230 g) of sugar;
2 cups (1 pt; 460 g) of flour;
1 baking powder;
1 vanilla powder;
4 cups (2 pt; 1 liter) milk;

2 tablespoons of flour;
3 eggs;
1 cup (8 fl oz; 230 g) of sugar;
1 vanilla powder;
2 cup (1 pt; 460 g) of finely ground nuts.

Pastry: Mix the eggs, and add the sugar gradually until you get a homogenous mix. Add bit by bit the flour, the baking powder and the vanilla powder. The mixture should not contain any small balls of flour, which will spoil the effect. Use a large baking dish; grease its bottom with oil. Pour out the mixture in the baking dish carefully and bake. The temperature depends on your cooker and on your experience with it. Now that you have baked the cake, wait until it becomes cold. Use the time to boil 1 cup of the milk. Fork the cold cake all over and pour it with the boiling milk.

Beat the eggs up with the sugar and flour. Boil the rest of the milk; stir it all the time to make sure that it does not burn. Pour very slowly the mixture into the pot of boiling milk and stir energetically. Take it away and wait until it cools. Put the nuts in. Pour out the cream on top of the pastry and dredge it with nuts. Hide the cake in the fridge and tell your kids it takes half a day to get perfect. Enjoy it!

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