Swedish Kroppkakor in five steps

Throughout the ages, the Northern European peoples have learned to make the most of the little products they have at their disposal. Today, though you can find anything at the grocery store, and despite the globalized market, tradition requires that we stick to well-known recipes, common to our cultures. Kroppkakor is a delicious potato dish, which the Swedish usually serve when you visit their hospitable homes.

To bring this Swedish tradition home, follow the five easy steps below:

  1. Peel 1.5 pound (750 g) of potatoes and steam them. Try boiling or steaming potatoes unpeeled, peeling them afterwards: peels give potatoes an intriguing taste of soil and make any dish richer in flavour. Mash the potatoes and leave them to cool down.
  2. Chop 3-4 oz (100 g) of salty bacon and 3-4 oz (100 g) of ham. Fry them in a spoonful of lard together with 1-2 medium-sized onions, finely diced. Cook it to serve your taste.
  3. Now that the mashed potatoes have cooled, add 2 tablespoons of flour and 1 yolk. Kneed the potato dough until even and form a thick sausage from it. A small tip: it is easier to deal with the potatoes, if your hands are wet. Cut the potato sausage into 8 identical parts and roll them until you get 8 balls.
  4. The next step is up to your imagination. You need to make grooves in each of the balls, which to fill in with the bacon-and-ham mixture. Cover the filling using the potato dough circulating the grooves, as if you were filling a hole with the earth you have dug out.
  5. Boil these smart balls in salty water. Serve them while still hot, poured with fried butter.

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