Milan steaks with rusk and eggs

2 eggs;
3-4 oz (100 g) of yellow-cheese;
ВЅ cup of rusk;
4 beef steaks;
Garnish: spaghetti, potatoes, lemon, parsley.

Whisk the eggs until the get foamy but not too much. In a separate plate mix the grated yellow-cheese and the brayed rusk.

Tenderize your steaks, either using the old-school mallet or state-of-the-art machinery. What matters is the result – we need thinly tenderized steaks that will melt into your mouth. Dip them one by one first in the egg mixture, then in the yellow-cheese/rusk blend and fry both sides in hot butter.

Serve these Milan steaks until they are hot sprinkled with the juice of one lemon. As garnish, you can choose between the truly Italian boiled spaghetti scalded with melted butter or boiled potatoes embellished with lemon slices and parsley sprigs. Buon appetito!

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